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Duvets & pillows

Made using mulberry silk, our duvets and pillows help create a more exclusive sleeping experience. An extremely soft material, silk is as adaptable as our beds themselves. Our duvets and pillows are specially manufactured to suit Carpe Diem’s range of beds.

The duvet features a soft covering with silk padding and an Oeko-Tex® approved cotton fabric overlay. The pillow is made from silk and polyester in equal measure, in order to retain its shape as long as possible.

In addition to being dust and dirt resistant, the silk padding’s unique capacity to clean itself makes it the obvious choice for allergy sufferers. Silk is also capable of heating up when it’s cold, as well as cooling down when it’s warm, ensuring you won’t be awoken by changes in temperature.

In addition, silk acts to absorb and remove unwanted moisture during the night, increasing the chances of an undisturbed night’s sleep.

240 x 220 cm
Filling: 1.5 kg of 100% mulberry silk with hand-drawn covering.

150 x 210 cm
Filling: 0.9 kg of 100% mulberry silk with hand-drawn covering.

50 x 60 cm
Filling: 0.5 kg of 40% mulberry silk machine carded and 60% polyester padding.


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