Gryning Scented Candle White

Luxurious hand-made scented candle in a glass holder. This organic soy wax scented candle has fragrance notes of ripe lemons, bergamot, magnolia blossom and orchid. Weight: 260 g.


Length: 100 cm Width: 100 cm Height: 11 cm

Treat yourself to a wonderful start to the day by lighting a luxurious scented candle with a fresh, invigorating fragrance. Our Gryning scented candle has notes of ripe lemons, bergamot, magnolia and orchid – an energising fragrance to awaken your senses for the day.

The Gryning scented candle from Carpe Diem Beds is hand-made in Sweden of 100 percent organic and bio-degradable soy wax. Gryning comes in a mouth-blown white glass – an elegant detail for your interior decor.