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The story of Sandö

Sandö is our most popular continental bed. What makes Sandö so comfortable are its three unique interacting spring systems that raise your sleep and life quality even further.

Sandö includes the patented Carpe Diem Beds Contour System, which looks after the body's contours and its protruding parts, such as shoulders, hips and buttocks. Combined with the depth of the spring system, this gives a feeling of weightlessness that must be experienced.

Sandö gives you fantastic postural support and a beautifully designed piece of furniture. Designed with a passion for sleep and a passion for life.


Sandö Bed facts

Standard top mattress:

On top of the bed is our yielding and conformable Luxury top mattress, with a cotton-filled summer side, a wool-filled winter side and Talalay latex in the middle. Practical and comfortable all year round. Height 7.5 cm.


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