Start the morning with an exclusive, bubbly cocktail

Start the morning with an exclusive, bubbly cocktail

Posted by Carpe Diem Beds on 10th Nov 2021

Elderflower, mint, lemon, and bubbly tea with a taste of lemongrass and mint - our luxurious Stay in bed morning cocktail is irresistibly fresh.

Is there a better feeling than waking up in your bed, well-rested and with a whole day ahead of you to do whatever you please?

When you don’t have any musts or to-dos, and can finally enjoy a quiet moment.

Stretch out among fluffy duvets and smooth sheets, wrap a soft silk robe around your body and try our bubbly morning drink.

Start the morning with a fresh drink

We have developed an exclusive cocktail recipe together with the alcohol-free drink brand Lazy Estate for luxuriously slow mornings. The cocktail is best-enjoyed in bed, preferably accompanied by the scent of our Gryning candle. Fluff the pillows, sit back, and enjoy a moment of relaxing free time.

Our Stay in Bed cocktail is of sweet and tart flavours that give your senses a soft energy boost.

The drink contains elderflowers to pay tribute to Carpe Diem Bed's Swedish origins, mint for its health-promoting properties, lemon to add freshness and bubbling Sparkling Tea Lemongrass & Mint for a luxurious touch.

Lazy Estates Sparkling Tea Lemongrass & Mint has a base made of tea from Darjeeling in India. The bubbly drink is flavoured with hand-picked, Indian lemongrass, which has been distilled into lemongrass oil, and a hint of mint.

The drink is delicious with both elderflower liqueur as with elderflower syrup – for both a boozier and alcohol-free alternative. Shake it together, pour it into a beautiful glass and enjoy your luxurious morning routine. Feel free to Stay in Bed as long as you like.

Small espresso cup, tall drink, and white scented candle

Stay in bed cocktail 

20 ml eldeflower liqueur or elderflower syrup
4 mint leaves
20 ml lemon juice
1tsp caster sugar
Lazy Estate Sparkling Tea Lemongrass & Mint to taste'

To make the cocktail:  

  1. Pour the elderflower liqueur or syrup into a shaker together with lemon juice and sugar.
  2. Shake until the ingredients are mixed.
  3. Fill a glass with ice and then pour the contents of the shaker over the ice.
  4. Top the glass with Lazy Estate Sparkling Tea Lemongrass & Mint.
  5. Garnish the cocktail with the mint leaves. Enjoy!