Split Mattress Cover for Adjustable Bed

The Nordic Swan Ecolabelled split mattress cover has a split seam at the top for adjustable beds. It is BIONIC-FINISH®-impregnated to protect your mattress topper from spots and stains. Carpe Diem Beds’ split mattress cover comes in multiple sizes.


Length: 200 cm Width: 160 cm

Prevent stains and prolong the life of your mattress topper with Carpe Diem Beds’ split mattress cover, with a split seam at the head of the bed to fit an adjustable bed. The mattress cover is BIONIC-FINISH®-impregnated, for a breathable fabric that is also dirt, water and grease-repellent.

The removable stretchy mattress cover can be washed at up to 60°C, and has elastic straps to keep it in place. Available in several sizes, for adjustable double and adjustable king size beds.

The mattress cover is Nordic Swan Ecolabelled. The fabric is certified to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100.

Washing Instructions:

Washable at 60°.