How to create a hotel-inspired bedroom

September 28, 2021

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary - like your favourite five-star hotel. With the right design tips, your bedroom can become your favourite place to unwind.

Sleep better with a hotel inspired bedroom

Why wait until vacation to get a good night's sleep? With the right bedding and small details, you can easily create a hotel feeling in your own bedroom - and sleep well all year round. Get our best tips for getting a luxurious hotel feeling in the bedroom.

1. Play with decoration pillows 
The bed is the focal point in the bedroom – and it should therefore make a bid impression when you walk in. These can easily be done with the help of decoration pillows.

Create dimension on your bed by layering decoration pillows in different sizes and shapes.

2. Invest in bedding with a high thread count
Thread count is one of the most important things to consider when buying new sheets, as it greatly impacts how soft and comfortable your sheets will feel. The higher the thread density of your bedding, the more comfortable are. We recommend sheets with at least 300TC (Thread Count per square inch) for ultimate luxury and softness.

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3. Play with colors in the bedroom
Creating a hotel-inspired bedroom doesn’t need to mean lots of beiges and neutrals. Dare to show off your own personality with pops of colour and in the bedroom.

Decoration pillows are an easy way to play with colours. Use different fabrics that match and contrast with the rest of the room. You can also try changing your bed sheets according to the season - alternating between crisp white sheets during the summer and darker tones during the winter.

If you want to create a "wow feeling", you can also choose a more daring colour for your bed and headboard. This isn’t for the faint of heart, but is a certain eye-catcher in the bedroom.

4. Keep your bedding crisp
There’s no feeling quite like freshly washed, crisp sheets. It doesn’t only feel luxurious, but also creates a clean look in the bedroom – just like walking into a freshly bedded hotel room.

Keeping your sheets free from wrinkles is easier than you think - without having to iron them. Fill a spray bottle with water and a splash of fabric softener and then gently the mixture over your sheets. While still damp, pull your bed sheets tightly to flatten out any wrinkles. The result will be fresh, crisp sheets in less than a minute.

5. Use fluffy pillows and duvets
Really fluffy pillows and duvets are one of the most luxurious feelings in the world – like being surrounded by a cloud. The right duvet and pillows will make your own bed feel like it belongs in a 5-star hotel.  

Down is an almost weightless natural material that breathes and allows excess body heat to pass through, so that you always maintain a perfect temperature under the covers, all night. Use quality-assured and eco-labeled down or luxurious silk for an allergen-free sleep.

6. Invest in a large, fluffy bedroom carpet
Make getting out of bed in the morning your new favourite ritual with a plush, fluffy bedroom carpet. Keep the design simple with clean colours and soft edges for a timeless, stylish design that will work for all seasons. 

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