How to start your day in a luxurious way

October 1, 2021

Give yourself the ultimate luxury experience with our tips on how to create a relaxing moment in bed, before you start your day.

A good day starts the night before. There is nothing better than to wake up in the morning after a great nights sleep, completely rested, in a luxurious bed. 

When you have a day for yourself, treat yourself to a slow start and enjoy spending some extra time in your comfortable bed. To start the day with some quality time for yourself, is the best way to re-charge your batteries and completely unwind.

Three tips on how you can create a luxurious and calm morning routine

1. Light a scented candle to create the right atmosphere in the bedroom

To light a scented candle doesn't only create a cosy, calming glow, it also evokes a magical scent in the bedroom that awakens your senses. Our exclusive scented candle, Gryning White, is handmade by organic soy wax and when you light it, you activate its fragrance notes of ripe lemons, bergamot, magnolia blossom and orchid. Enjoy the energizing effect of the fragrance notes while you slowly stretch your body on your soft and cool sheets. 

2. Wrap yourself in the smoothest of silks

The sensation of silk on your skin can feel just like a soft embrace. That is why our kimono is made of the finest of silks - soft, light and smooth. Our kimono is made of exclusive, ultra-high-quality 16-momme mulberry silk which gives you a fantastic feeling. Besides adding a luxurious sensation to your morning routine, silk has the fantastic ability to keep you warm when you are cold and cool you down when you are warm. When you wear our silk kimono, you will have a great start to your day. 

3. Enjoy a delicious morning cocktail

Create the feeling of being at a five star hotel in your very own bedroom by starting your morning with a luxurious and delicious cocktail. Lean back on your fluffy pillows and sip on your drink while you let your mind wander. Together with the Lazy Estate, we have created a recipe for a fabulous morning cocktail with fresh tastes that goes perfectly together with your morning routine, no matter if you will have a calm day at the spa or a day filled with exciting adventures. Our morning cocktail can be made with or without alcohol.

Luxurious Stay in Bed Kit – the perfect start to a calm, serene day

We have handpicked some products to create the perfect kit to give you a peaceful and enjoyable morning routine. Treat yourself to our kit, or give it as a gift to a friend who deserves a relaxing start to their day. 

Our exclusive morning kit contains the following:
* Scented candle Gryning White
* Silk sleep mask
* Exclusive handcream produced in a limited number for Carpe Diem Beds

Read more about the kit here.