Bedroom Rug 250x260
Imagine stepping onto a thick, soft, luxurious rug as you get out of bed each morning. Could anything feel more delightful? Maybe warm summer sand ... but that’s another story. Our bedroom rug is stylish and simple in design. Invisible stitching creates an elegant look on the floor. Choose from six subtle colours in various shades of grey, beige and nougat. The colours were specially chosen to match Carpe Diem’s Classic and Exclusive fabric collections. Give your bedroom a tone-on-tone look, or make a statement with contrasting colours. Which style do you prefer?

Bedroom rug sizes
Online, you can buy our bedroom rug in sizes 250x260 cm, 300x260 cm and 360x260 cm. For a custom-sized bedroom rug, contact your local Carpe Diem Beds retailer (max. size 500x500 cm).

A Carpe Diem Beds bedroom essential

Our luxurious bedroom rugs are part of Carpe Diem Beds’ Bedroom Essentials assortment. Our high-quality, luxurious bedroom accessories are designed to inspire you to spend more time in your bedroom – which means more time to relax and unwind. Whether you choose one of our thick, soft rugs; our beautiful, handmade, organic soy wax candles in the fragrances Skymning and Gryning; or whether you wrap up in a mulberry silk robe, we hope Bedroom Essentials from Carpe Diem Beds can bring a sense of luxury to your life.

Product definition: Tufted.
Pile: Polyamide (PA).
Backing material: Textile.
Thickness variation: 14 – 40 mm.
Weight: 1,850 gsm