Vallerö Headboard
The stylish Vallerö headboard is a unique offering in Carpe Diem Beds’ line of headboards. Vallerö is a walnut headboard that exudes contemporary beauty while still being a highly functional offering. The wall-mounted Vallerö headboard is available in one size and fits any of our 180cm beds.

Vallerö – a Swedish-made headboard

The Vallerö headboard is decidedly contemporary in its visual appearance. The warm beauty of the walnut adds an intimate and inviting dimension to your bedroom. The tall, vertical wooden slats contribute to Vallerö’s majestic and luxurious presence, which, along with integrated bedside tables, adjustable matching reading lamps and sound-absorbing properties, provide tranquillity and comfort of the highest level. Vallerö is made in collaboration with Wood on Wall, an innovative and modern design firm that specialises in sound-absorbing wall materials with a high level of design.

The Vallerö headboard is made using wood sourced from sustainably grown forests, and its sound-absorbing felt backing is made entirely of recycled plastic.

The Vallerö headboard is handmade in Sweden.