Sarah Becker x Carpe Diem Beds

March 29, 2022

This spring, Carpe Diem Beds collaborates with the talented Danish artist Sarah Becker, who has taken inspiration from our brand story and Swedish West Coast heritage and turned it into eleven fascinating art pieces. Sarah uses several craftmanship techniques to create her art and designs and is famous for her signature needlework and embroideries. For more inspiration about the artist, please visit Sarah’s website. 

For this collaboration, the eleven art pieces that Sarah has created, were inspired by the beautiful colours of wild heather and how the flowers shift in colour at both sunrise and dawn. Heather has been an integral part of Carpe Diem Beds since the early days of our brand’s history, more than 25 years ago.

Our founder, Börje Thuleskär, was a firm believer in the importance of sleep for body and mind. He sought out the best mattress on the market but wasn’t impressed by what he found and one day fell asleep on a bed of heather by the sea in Sweden. Here he realised that nature contoured to his body far more than any bed ever had. This led him to embark on a quest to build the perfect bed, one that would mimic the feeling of weightlessness he had had on the heather.

The quest took thousands of hours and a partnership with the Spinal Unit at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Sweden. The result was Carpe Diem Beds’ patented Contour Pocket System, which has a unique cushioning ability. It gently yields and supports at the same time, instantly moulding to your body’s contours and changing with your every movement. You can feel the mattress embrace your hips and shoulders while gently supporting your lumbar and waist. Your spine is relieved of tension, and your muscles can finally relax. Just like lying on a bed of heather on the cliffs by the Swedish sea.

Passion for design

Our collaboration with Sarah also represents Carpe Diem Bed’s passion for design and commitment to create a bedroom that is meticulously handcrafted to fit each customer’s dream. Carpe Diem Beds offers a full bedroom design experience so that you can create your individual sanctuary where you can truly unwind. As beautiful as they are innovative, our beds are handmade-to-order and are fully customizable to your needs and style. From beautiful nature inspired fabrics from the Designers Guild and The Romo Group to an array of bed linen, bedroom accessories, and furniture, Carpe Diem Beds will help you design the bedroom of your dreams.

Find out more

Visit the Carpe Diem Beds Flagship store in central Copenhagen to experience the craftmanship and artwork made by Sarah Becker and explore how her art was inspired by our brand and products. There are several art pieces for your enjoyment, including embroideries on throw pillows, throws and other textile items.